Packing Lists & Luggage Service

Packing Lists & Luggage Service

Packing wisely can help ensure a good Camp experience. Please make sure that medicines, swimsuit, and towel are packed on top for easy access during registration. Make sure to pack old, comfortable clothes for your week. Keep in mind that no laundry service is available to campers and that units do not have electricity. Please pack according to your own child’s needs. All packing lists, including Adventure and Equestrian packing lists, are on our website; click here.

During check-in, you will be provided one luggage tag to be placed on your largest/heaviest piece of luggage. This is the only item that will be hauled for you. Camp’s luggage hauling service is not intended to be used to haul every single item a camper is bringing to Camp. It is intended to lessen the burden. Luggage delivery to your unit is typically delayed, so it is recommended you hand-carry items needed to set up your camper’s bunk (sleeping bag, mosquito net, etc.). Due to irregular sizes and shapes coupled with limited cabin space, trash cans of any size are not permitted in units and will not be delivered to the units by our luggage haulers. Campers are not to lash, tape, or otherwise attach extra items onto the single piece of luggage they submit to our luggage haulers. Do not pack items/clothing in trash bags! They get mistaken for trash and thrown out. Rubbermaid-type bins and trunks checked in at luggage haul are not to exceed 32” x 20” x 17”. If your camper chooses to bring his/her belongings in a bin that exceeds this size, it will be his/her responsibility to transport the item and its contents. Unusually large and/or heavy duffle bags will not be delivered by Ondessonk’s luggage haulers.

For more information, please visit the Parent Resources page on our website!

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