Lodge Activities

The Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha offers multiple Lodge Activities to support Camp Ondessonk, through both time and treasure.  Here are some ways you can get involved!

The Four Winds Project

The Four Winds Project allows active members to receive recognition for completing 240 minutes of service within one year, in the name of the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha.

The 240 minutes represents completing 60 minutes of service for each of the Four Winds that called your name at the Lodge Ceremony when you were inducted. Your service can be broken down into a variety of different volunteer activities in the community, meaning not all 240 minutes need to be completed at one service project. Once complete, members will be asked to fill out an online form so they can receive recognition for their hours of work.

Project Guidelines

As part of the Four Winds Project, Lodge members will complete 240 minutes of volunteering. Lodge members are free to choose their own projects that fit within the following guidelines:

  1. Lodge members must wear an Ondessonk shirt and their Lodge sash while volunteering.
  2. Any good deed can count, except normal, routine household jobs/responsibilities.
  3. Time spent volunteering for another organization does not count towards The Four Winds Project. Volunteering time must be Lodge specific; it cannot duplicate with any other service project. If time is completed for the first organization, Lodge members can then change into their t-shirt and sash and count remaining time towards The Four Winds Project.
  4. The honor system will be used for documenting volunteer time. Lodge members will be responsible for using this self-reporting form.

Letter Writing Campaign

The Linn Family has worked to create an easy way for Lodge members to reach out to their own family and friends, asking for a gift to Camp Ondessonk through a Letter Writing Campaign.  Here is how you can be part of this exciting way to make a major impact on Camp’s finances so that future campers can experience the same joy, happy memories, and unique adventures that you have.

How to Participate

  1. Identify friends and family who may give a gift to Camp. Kids, if you don’t know who this is, ask your parents for help. Adults, we are looking for new donors to help with this need so please think of those who are not already giving to Camp.
  2. Write a letter telling your Camp story. Explain why Camp is so important to you and ask them to help support Camp with an unrestricted financial gift. Below is a sample letter to help spur your creativity.
  3. Print out the below gift form, cut in half, and mail the half with your letter. Remember to ask your family and friends to include your name on the Gift Response Form or in the NOTES section of the online form so you will get credit for your service.

Gift Form | Example Letter

Please accept this important act of service to Camp Ondessonk and spread the word about a place that changes lives and creates leaders for tomorrow. Thank you for supporting our Lodge Activities!

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