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Upcoming Events

Twice a year, active Lodge Members reunite with friends as they help Camp Ondessonk prepare for the next seasons. Lodge Members stay in units for the weekend with adult supervision. They participate in service projects and attend formal meetings addressing Lodge business, while enjoying fellowship in the evenings. Please bring appropriate work clothes along with work gloves and closed-toed shoes for the work project.  

  • 2024 Spring Lodge Reunion – April 19-21, 2024 (registration deadline is April 10, 2024)
  • 2024 Fall Lodge Reunion – Date TBD

It is free to attend these Lodge Reunions, however you MUST pre-register and your lodge dues MUST be paid for the current year.

For additional information about these events, or to register, visit our Events page.

Lodge News

The Lodge e-newsletter is published quarterly and includes fun and informative blog posts, updates, and more! Click below for past e-newsletters.

Not receiving the Lodge e-newsletter? Contact Tony Vrooman at tony.vrooman@ondessonk.com.

Check back often for updates on Lodge Events & News!

Lodge Awards

This award is given to an outstanding non-Lodge volunteer who has rendered meritorious service to Lodge, Camp Ondessonk, and the community.

Greg Baker
Treva Barker
Jim Beine
Steven “Tip” Belz
Lester Cordie
Joseph J. Davinroy
Steve Fadden
Gloria Haas
Ruth Halterman
Monsignor Vince Haselhorst
Greg Haselhorst
Louis Hodges
John Hoertel
Cheetah Horstmann
Bill Janson
Robert “Kyle” Keserauskis
Cyril “Pete” Korte
Mary Kruziak
Laverne Kuhl
Robert Lovatto
Jo Ann (Wetstein) Mayer
Dave McCoy
John Mushill
Ralph Rheinecker
Jim Richter
Brent Richter
Chris Shanter
Joe Werner
Selma Wuebles
Tom Young

This award is given to an active or associate member of Lodge for rendering meritorious service to Lodge, Camp Ondessonk, and the community.

Belinda Bauer
Kathy (Cochran) Beine
Keith Brennan
Michelle (Kreppert) Bretscher
Steve Bushong
Gene Canavan
Sara (Bell) Clifford
Bill Cook
Larry Davis
Pati Egan
Nikki Enderle
Wade Flake
Jeanine (Reime) Heller
Lucia (Juenger) Hodges
Carol (Nelson) Klinger
Ann (Davinroy) Lintzenich
Jackie (Savage) McKay
Bryan Reaka
Jennifer Rheinecker
Steven Rheinecker
Eric Schauster
James Shively
Marci (Harper) Stevens
Dr. Christopher Wangard
Judy (Blase) Woodruff

This award is presented to a non-Lodge Member who is part of the Camp Ondessonk staff and feels that they do not meet the proper requirements for membership into Lodge, but have rendered meritorious service to Lodge, Camp Ondessonk and the community.

Liz Amberg
Becky Jennings
Mike Jennings
Carol Simmons

The Ever-Evolving Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha
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