Frequently Asked Questions

Our most Frequently Asked Questions are listed below. Topics include online registration, financial-related questions, the Camp experience, and health and safety. Please check for your question here first before contacting the office.



Why won’t the system accept my username and password?

Your username and password may or may not be your entire email address. Try your username with only what comes before the @ symbol. Your temporary password is summer.

Use the Forgot Username/Forgot Password links to receive your login information. If you receive errors in doing so, or have further questions, contact Camp for your account information.

PLEASE do NOT create another account.

I am trying to create a new account, but it keeps telling me that I already have one.

If the system tells you that you already have an account, then an account has been created. Use the Forgot Username/Forgot Password links to receive your login information. If you receive errors in doing so, or have further questions, contact Camp for your account information.

PLEASE do NOT create another account.

When I click on the drop-down for the camper name, it doesn’t work or do anything.

This is likely happening if you are using the Internet Explorer web browser. Our online registration system is not compatible with this browser. Please try to access the system using a different web browser – Google Chrome is recommended.

Why does it say my camper is Incomplete and not Registered?

You must complete the required forms and make the minimum $100 deposit payment in order for your camper to become registered. Enrolled or Incomplete status does not secure a spot in a session for your camper.

Can I add a camper to my current account? Do I have to create a new account for a new camper?

You can add as many campers to your account as needed. Click on the “ADD CAMPER” button in the Quick Access section of the main dashboard to do so.

How do I switch my camper’s camp session?

Requests to switch a camp session(s) must be submitted online using this form: https://form.jotform.com/232564549150154

How do I cancel my camper’s camp session?

Requests to cancel a camp session (s) must be submitted online using this form: https://form.jotform.com/232565142766157


Does Camp require medical physicals and/or immunization records?

Camp Ondessonk no longer requires copies of your camper’s physicals or immunization records.

When I click on the drop-down in the Upload Forms tab, it doesn’t work or do anything.

This is likely happening if you are using the Internet Explorer web browser. Our online registration system is not compatible with this browser. Please try to access the system using a different web browser – Google Chrome is recommended.

Where do I enter my camper’s prescription medication?

Click on the “MEDICAL” tab in the Camper’s section of the main dashboard.

I keep getting an email telling me to complete the Over The Counter Authorization. Where do I find it?

Click on the “MEDICAL” tab in the Camper’s section of the main dashboard. Click the button that says “Over the Counter”.


How do I purchase Barter Bucks online?
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the MAKE A PAYMENT button in the financial section.
  3. Click on the CAMP STORE tab and enter the amount you would like to purchase.
  4. Select the PAYMENT OPTIONS tab and complete your payment.
Do I get refunded for unused Barter Bucks?

Any camper with a balance of less than $1.00 will not be refunded. Those funds will automatically be applied to the Camper Scholarship Fund. If a camper has more than $1.00 in their Camp store account, the Camp counselor will ask the parent/guardian if they would like to donate the funds to the Camper Scholarship Fund or be refunded. Refunds will be returned in the same manner with which they were paid. Camp store balances cannot be left in their accounts.

How do I purchase unit shirts, unit photos, or care packages online?
  1. Log into your account.
  2. In the “Optional Items” section of the dashboard, click on the MANAGE ADDITIONAL CHARGES button.
  3. Check the boxes for the desired merchandise on the left, then click the green ADD button above the list of merchandise. This will move the item to the right side.
  4. Click the SAVE button on the bottm.
  5. Click the MAKE A PAYMENT button in the “Financial” section.
  6. Be sure to change your registration balance to zero if you do not want to pay toward any remaining balance.
  7. Click the PAYMENT OPTIONS tab and make your payment.

Please do not hesitate to contact Camp if you have further questions, or need assistance.



How much does it cost to attend?

Camp Ondessonk has a three-tier pricing structure, to make Camp more accessible for all income-level families. Please visit our Dates & Rates page for exact program costs.

How much money should I send with my child?

We do not accept cash or credit at the Trading Post, so it is best to leave those forms of money at home for the week. Camp uses a currency called “Barter Bucks”, which can be purchased via your Campwise account either before, or during the week. Typically $25-30 is sufficient for the week.

Is there financial assistance?

Yes! Camp Ondessonk has a scholarship program to make sure our programs can be accessible to children of all economic means. Learn More regarding scholarships!


Is scholarship funding still available?

The Funding Status on our Scholarships page will indicate if we still have funds available for the year.

Do I have to register my camper and pay the deposit before applying for a scholarship?

No. You are not required to pre-register or pay a deposit to determine eligibility. If you qualify for partial tuition assistance, your registration and deposit must be submitted before scholarship funding is applied.

What paperwork do I need to provide in addition to the application?

Financial documentation must accompany the application. Supporting financial documentation includes a copy of federal or state income taxes (first two pages) or qualifications for one of the following: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or Medicaid. Documentation must also provide proof of guardianship.

I haven’t filed my taxes for this year yet. Does that mean I have to wait until I file them?

Nope! A copy of your most recent tax return is acceptable.

Can I use the scholarship funds for my deposit?

If you are eligible for a full tuition scholarship, then a deposit payment is not required.

If you are receiving a partial scholarship, you will need to pay the minimum deposit to register your camper. Scholarship funds are credited to your account after you register.

I signed up for the Early Bird Discount. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes! Scholarships are awarded off of the Rate A tuition. You can still apply for the scholarship, but your rate will be changed from Early Bird to Rate A. Scholarships are only awarded if you will save additional funds – so you have nothing to lose by applying.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Only one scholarship per camper is allowed. If you have more than one camper, you may apply for one per camper.

Are there any other discounts I can receive?

Multi-camper and multi-session discounts are the only discounts that can be combined with scholarships. For more information on these types of discounts, please visit our Dates & Rates page.


What is the staff-to-camper ratio?

Camp Ondessonk has approximately a 1:8 ratio for traditional camps, and a 1:5 ratio for mini camp programs.

What are the age requirements?

To attend Mini Camp or Mini Camp Explorer sessions, a child must be 8 years old or entering 3rd grade by the start of the camp session. For Traditional Camps, children must be at least 10 years old or entering 5th grade by the start of their camp session. Please visit our Adventure Camps page for specific age requirements for the various programs.

Which is the best unit?

There is no “best” unit in our book, because they are all great for different reasons! If you are having trouble picking a first choice, check out pictures of each unit.

Will my child go to church during the week?

Yes, there will be a Catholic service (Mass) on Sunday. There will also be optional prayer services available each day that campers can attend.

How much free time will my child have?

The average amount of free time during the day is approximately 2 hours. We try to give plenty of time to relax and hang out with new friends, but also structure enough time to try new activities to keep each day exciting.

Can my child attend if we are not Catholic?

Absolutely! While many at Camp Ondessonk come from a Catholic background and our faith is an important part of our identity, campers, staff, and volunteers do not have to be Catholic to attend.

Are there volunteer opportunities for parents?

It is possible to volunteer at Camp while your child is a camper. Ondessonk discourages parents of first-year campers from volunteering due to the increased risk of homesickness for your child and the others in their unit. Volunteers may not bring children who are not registered in a camp session.

In order to minimize homesickness and provide a full Camp experience to all campers, Ondessonk asks that parents/relatives/close friends of campers that may be volunteering to limit the time spent in contact with that camper. By limiting visits and length of visits, Camp Ondessonk aims to minimize disruptions to units as they attend activities and eat their meals. Further, it is healthy to your camper’s development for them to have as pure a camp experience as possible. Remember, part of the purpose of Camp is for children to develop a healthy sense of independence.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the summer and year round.


What safety measures are in place at Camp?

Camp Ondessonk takes caring for your child very seriously. All of our staff successfully complete a criminal background check, a child abuse and neglect background check, and attend an orientation training that focuses on child development and teaching skills. Camp is also accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), a national organization that reviews camps on over 300 standards. Additionally, the Ondessonk stables is accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) for safety standards. For more information, please visit our Accreditation & Safety page.

What if my child gets sick or hurt?

Camp has a Health Center located in the Main Area that is staffed with volunteer medical professionals who are on-call 24/7 as needed. We also have access to local hospitals within 30 minutes in case of emergency.

What if my child gets homesick?

Homesickness is a completely normal part of summer camp and a child being away from their typical home environment – it is totally okay and most kids experience it on some level. We handle homesickness on an individual basis, as each child feels it in a different way. In severe cases, parents will be called by the Health Center or Head Counselor to keep them updated on their child’s experience. If this is something you are concerned about, talk it over with your child and prepare for it before they come to Camp by staying overnight with friends or family.

***Please do NOT tell your child that you will pick them up from Camp if they are homesick – this rarely happens and sets your child up for a less enjoyable experience, and can take away an opportunity for them to grow.***

What if my child has special health needs?

Please feel free to contact the Camping Services Director or our Executive Director with further questions or to discuss any potential health needs of your camper. We are able to accommodate a wide range of allergies and other health issues.

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