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Funding Status:

We are saddened to announce all 2020 Camp Ondessonk summer camp sessions have been suspended. However, Family Camping for Camp O is currently available.  Click Here for more information.


2020 Scholarships will not be applied to the 2021 Summer Session.  All Scholarship applicants must apply in January of 2021.  Questions may be directed to the 877-659-2267, x109.


To donate to our Scholarship Fund, click here.

To make Camp Ondessonk more accessible to children of all economic means, scholarship funding is available.  We are faithful to the premise that families applying for scholarship funding are in need of tuition assistance. Please help us honor the wishes of our donors with honorable participation.

Scholarship applicants will receive a minimum of $200 in tuition assistance for Traditional, Mini Camp Explorer, and Adventure camps or $100 in tuition assistance for Mini Camp.  Based on financial need, up to $634 of tuition assistance will be awarded.  A sliding scale is used to determine the amount of award based on adjusted gross income and household size.

Camp Ondessonk is an equal opportunity provider of summer camp programs. Scholarship awards are made without regard to geographic location, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability or another legally protected status.

All programs/camps offered at Camp Ondessonk are eligible for scholarship funding.

Due to the high volume of calls, please review the Frequently Asked Questions before calling.


Monsignor Fournie Scholarship Request Form 2021 Coming Soon (English version)

Monsignor Fournie Scholarship Request Form 2021 Coming Soon (Spanish Guide)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is scholarship funding still available?
The Funding Status at the top of the page will indicate if we still have funds available.

What happened to the different application forms?
We simplified our application process, and now there is only one form for all campers.

Do I have to register my camper and pay the deposit before applying for a scholarship?
No, you are not required to pre-register or pay a deposit to determine eligibility.  If you qualify for partial tuition assistance, your registration and deposit must be submitted before scholarship funding is applied.

What paperwork do I need to provide in addition to the application?
If you want to receive the minimum scholarship award, no additional paperwork is required.

To receive more than the minimum, financial documentation must accompany the application. Supporting financial documentation includes a copy of federal or state income taxes (first two pages) or qualifications for one of the following: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Medicaid.  Documentation must also provide proof of guardianship.

I haven’t filed my 2019 taxes yet. Does that mean I have to wait until I file them?
No. A copy of your most recent tax return is acceptable.

What is the minimum scholarship award?
All applicants will receive a minimum of $200 toward Traditional, Mini Camp Explorer and Adventures camps OR $100 toward Mini Camp.  To receive more than the minimum, financial documentation must accompany your application.

Can I use the scholarship funds for my deposit?
If you are eligible for full tuition, then a deposit payment is not required. If you are receiving a partial scholarship, you will need to pay the minimum deposit to register your camper.  Scholarship funds are credited to your account after you register.

I signed up for the Early Bird Discount. Can I still apply for a scholarship?
Scholarships are awarded off of the Rate A tuition. You can still apply for the scholarship, but your rate will be changed from Early Bird to Rate A.  Scholarships are only awarded if you will save additional funds, so you have nothing to lose.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Only if you have more than one camper. Only one scholarship per camper is allowed.

Are there any other discounts I can receive?
Multi-camper and multi-session discounts are the only discounts that can be combined with scholarships.

To apply for a 2020 Camp Ondessonk Scholarship, please click here for the application and instructions. Only applications completed in full and accompanied with required documentation will be processed!

If you have additional questions, please call 877-659-2267, x109.


Please help us to continue sending kids to camp!

There are three ways to make a contribution:

 1.   Click here to donate online

2.   Download a Camp Ondessonk donation form and mail it to:

Camp Ondessonk
3760 Ondessonk Road
Ozark, IL 62972

3.   Call 618-695-2489 x109 to pay by credit card over the phone. (Be sure to specify scholarships when you call with your donation!)

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