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The Ondessonk Community stretches across the continents and across time, a family bound by tradition and shared experiences. Spontaneous Ondessonk reunions in the grocery store or at the edge of the Grand Canyou have been  triggered by the sight of a favorite unit shirt or a resonating “Heepwah!” shouted in the crowd.

Our Camp community offers many opportunities to participate in the Ondessonk Mission. No matter what your interests, you can always find a way to be a part of “Camp Magic!”

Here are some ways to join the Ondessonk Community:

The Loyal Lodges of Ondessonk and Tekakwitha

The Loyal Lodges of Ondessonk and Tekakwitha is an honor society for campers and staff alike who have shown their loyalty and dedication to camp in an exemplary way. Through fundraisers or service, all members of Lodge strive to give back to the Camp Ondessonk community and act as ambassadors of Ondessonk’s values and camp spirit in their daily lives. To learn more about your local Lodge Tribes, volunteering within Lodge, or the latest Lodge news, contact your Lodge officials.



Camp Ondessonk is blessed with strong support from a huge community of volunteers. Ondessonk volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Some have qualifications for a specific job; others are motivated by a simple desire to serve. Volunteers have the opportunity to be a camper’s hero by contributing to the organization. Further, volunteers often create strong bonds of friendship through shared experiences with staff members and other volunteers.

Follow these links to learn more about summer camp volunteering, volunteering for Stable Round Up, Gardening/ Restoration/Preservation weekends, winter and spring clean-up weekends, or organizing a group.


Our Board of Directors

Camp Ondessonk is honored to have a dedicated group of volunteers joining Camp’s Board Members to serve on Committees of the Board.  Their guidance, collective expertise, and dedicated service to the campers of Ondessonk is invaluable to the Ondessonk staff. Professionals from across the Midwest contribute to camp by serving on the following committees: Nominating and Policy, Finance and Technology, Properties, Program, Development, Marketing and Mission Effectiveness.


 Board of Directors Listing


The Wonders of Ondessonk Project

Help us to collect images of the “Wonders of Camp Ondessonk”.  You can contribute to the project by uploading your high quality photographs at the Wonders of Ondessonk Project Page.

 The Wonders of Ondessonk Page

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