The Ondessonk community stretches across continents and across time, a family bound by tradition and shared experiences. Spontaneous Ondessonk reunions in the grocery store or at the edge of the Grand Canyon have been caused by the sight of a favorite unit shirt or a resonating “Heepwah!” shouted in the crowd.

Our Camp community offers many opportunities to participate in the Ondessonk Mission. No matter what your interests are, you can always find a way to be a part of “Camp Magic”!

“Because of Camp Ondessonk I’m not afraid to open myself up to others. I have the confidence to be my crazy, unique self around strangers… Because of Camp I see more and have a place I look forward to every summer and have a place I am guaranteed no worry… Camp makes responsibility fun. Before Camp, I didn’t know how God was revealed to me. I now know that if I am ever stressed, God surrounds me in the outdoors and nature because there is no place I can remember being so thankful for life than singing with friends around a fire, eating the best meal ever made over an open fire, sharing old stories passed down through generations, or having a friendly race with the people that seem like family after only a week because they are your family. Camp Ondessonk is the place all God’s gifts are accented and brought out in the most beautiful forms. Because of Camp Ondessonk, I am the person I am today, and because of that I am proud.”

Rhiannon, Camper
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