Lifetime Lodge Membership

Active Lodge membership requires an annual dues payment, but the Loyal Lodge has created the option of an Active Lifetime Lodge Membership with a one-time dues payment of $250, with no need to renew each year.

Benefits of Lifetime Membership

  • Dues paid for life.
  • Lifetime Lodge Membership pin.
  • Certificate stating Lifetime Membership.
  • Free unit or tent camping during Open Camping Weekends throughout the school-year.
    • Normal camping fees apply to guests of Lifetime Lodge Members.
  • Free Lodge Reunions.
  • E-newslettes and recognition on the website and in the annual Stewardship Report.
  • Active Lodge membership keeps you connected to Camp, and Camp needs you!

Lodge Dues are an investment in young leaders of tomorrow, as they help support summer leadership development programs for Lodge Members. In addition, dues fund activities of the 10 Lodge Councils throughout the country whose members continue the tradition of service to Camp and their communities.


Sign up today online through Campwise.

  • Once you have reached the donation page, select:
    • Campaign: Lodge
    • Purpose: Lodge Dues
  • Cost: $250 (one-time fee)

Thank you for taking this opportunity to strengthen your status as an active Lodge Member for life. Your generous investment in Lodge will be used to support many areas of Lodge, including leadership development programs for Lodge Members and supporting activities of Lodge Councils. These Councils continue the tradition of service through Camp work weekends, fundraising for the Scholarship fund, volunteering at Camp events, and donating time and talent by serving their communities.

Current Lifetime Lodge Members

Kevin Abington

Grace Alongi

Anne Anderson

Amelia Anderson

Kathleen Arnold

Lisa Augustine

Michael Ax

Baron Baracani

Edward Barbier

Jack Basler

Belinda Bauer

Reggie Bauer

Steven Beatty

William Beatty

Mark Bergman

Teresa Bergman

Amanda Bernard

Mark Berry

Eric Beste

Lauren Biebel

Aaron Blasius

Scott Boan

George Boatwright

Lucas Boatwright

Madeline Boatwright

Mary Boartwright

Mary Jane Brauer

Cassie Briggs

Mary Brisk

Amy Broadway

Jacob Brown

Katie Brown

Bridget Bushong

Jacqueline Bushong

Justin Bushong

Steven Bushong

Christopher Cahnovsky

Mckenzie Campbell

Lakelyn Carter

Catherine Ceule

Tracy Christ

Abbey Clemens

Eliza Connelley

Evan Coulson

Maggie Couri

Jan Courtney

Rosalie Cuca

Katie Cutler

Kelsey Cutler

Larry Davis

Timothy Descamps

Leo Donahue

Nicole Dowd

Marjorie Downey

Lydia Druin

Ryan Druin

Dennis Dusek

Katie Dutton

Keegan Dutton

Greg Elderkin

Ethan Fowler

Jaime Gayer

Laura Gidley-Feltz

Alexander Godbey

Cassandra Gray

Laura Greenwood

Elaine Guthrie

Katherine Hall

Rachel Hartke

Sarah Hartke

Claire Hatch

Peggy Hausmann

Leo Hayes

Jeanie Heller

Jerett Herr

Josey Herr

Frances Hideg

Lucia Hodges

Tyler Hohmann

Angela Holbrook

Carly Hopkins

Isaac Hopkins

Michal Horace

John Huck

John Iffert

Molly Imming

Michael Jansen

Kathy Jarowicz

Kyle Joiner

Elizabeth Jones

Brian Kauling

Rachel Kell

Elizabeth Keserauskis

Alanna Kivland

Tyler Kivland

Carol Klinger

Nancy Knittel

Orie Knox

Donald Koehler

Henry Konzelmann

Brett Korte

Kourtney Lannert

Lindsey Lasher

Aimee LeClaire

Samantha Levandowski

Daniel Martin

Zofia Martin

George Mauck

Amanda McCoy

Jacquelyn McKay

Susan McQuiston

Maria Mengarelli

Gerald Montroy

Stanley Myrda

Jennifer Naddeo

Rebecca Nation

Oliver Niemeier

Katie Nordhues

John O’Brien

Jacob O’Neill

Kaitlyn O’Neill

Courtney Ostrowski

Jeffery Payne

Merry Peak

Amanda Peregrin

Kiel Peregrin

Matthew Peterson

Abigail Phillips

Thomas Powers

Lincoln Prater

Johnna Revermann

Jennifer Rheinecker

Aiden Richardson

Scott Richter

Addison Ronk

Georgia Samet

Monica Schibig

Margaret Schneider

Pat Schneider

Susan Schneider

Barbara Schutzenhofer

Ann Shashek

Colleen Shaughnessy

Ashley Seibold

Taylor Simmonds

Shannon Sonderman

Mark Stec

Crystal Tebbe

Jill Thiede

Lauren Tomaszewski

Catherine Ulivi

Janet Ulivi

David Vasa

Alexis Verschueren

Meagan Walters

Julie Weber

Emily Weber

Jean Weiss

Kathy Wenzel

Michael Wenzel

Catherine Wessel

Maria White

Thoman Wilhelm 

Ashley Wilkerson

Susan Williams

Kathleen Wittich

Megan Wittich

Cindy Wobbe

Scott Wobbe

Shannon Wobbe

Callie Wood

Barb Woolard

Maxwell Wottowa

Tommy Young


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