Author: Tony Vrooman

Monsignor Joseph Lawler – an original Camp Ondessonk Pioneer

By Pati Egan Chances are, if you went to St. Teresa Academy around 1967, you might have been taught by a young priest named Father Joseph Lawler. I recently spoke…
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The Great North American Eclipse 2024 Camp Ondessonk

The Great North American Eclipse!

Camp Ondessonk is in the “Eclipse Crossroads of America!” April 8, 2024, will see the total solar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes between the sun and earth, completely…
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From Camp Ondessonk to Herscher High: The Journey of Kyle Schrage

From Camp Ondessonk to Herscher High: The Journey of Kyle Schrage

Camp Ondessonk, nestled in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest, has been a transformative haven for countless individuals, including Kyle Schrage, a former camper and counselor. Currently shaping young…
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After School Adventure Club

After School Adventure Club: Exploring Nature and Community at Camp Ondessonk

Camp Ondessonk has long been a place of adventure, learning, and self-discovery for individuals of all ages. Recently, the Camp has introduced a new initiative that brings the spirit of…
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Future Planning Helped Keep the Gates Open

Future Planning Helped Keep the Gate Open

Becoming a member of the Le Coeur Society helps preserve the mission of Camp Ondessonk for generations to come, often in unexpected ways. When Greg Mateyka included Camp Ondessonk in…
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