Author: Tony Vrooman

Stable Round-Up 2023: Built by Volunteers

By Sue Mullen Stable Round-up was a huge success and was appropriately held the weekend of Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2023. This year, Camp hosted 47 volunteers and 43…
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Way back in the woods where nobody goes, there’s a little old unit called Raganeau…And the Rag Rats go: ooh, aah, oh, Raganeau!

By Pati Egan Before we learn the story of why Raganeau staff (no matter what generation) call themselves Rag Rats we need to go back to the beginning. Way back…
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Ondessonk Horse Camps

Ondessonk Horse Camps offer a variety of benefits for participants, both physical and mental. Riding horses provides a great workout, improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Spending time outdoors and…
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Northland College and Camp Ondessonk: a Partnership in Education

By Dr. Evan Coulson, Adventure & Group Services Director, Camp Ondessonk; Associate Professor of Outdoor Education, Northland College Eight undergraduate students from Northland College, a small environmental liberal arts school…
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Camp Ondessonk Partners with NASA GLOBE for Innovative STEM Education Programs

By Chris Bretscher, Program Director Camp Ondessonk is proud to announce our new and exciting partnership with NASA GLOBE through the NASA GLOBE Goes to Camp initiative.  This collaboration makes…
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Outdoor Education and Brain-Based Learning

By Dr. Evan Coulson, Adventure & Group Services Director Camp Ondessonk hosts hundreds of students for residential outdoor education field trips each spring and fall.  Students enjoy living in Ondessonk’s…
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