Empowering Future Campers Through Monthly Giving

Empowering Future Campers Through Monthly Giving

Empowering Future Campers through Monthly Giving. Jed Buechele with an Ondessonk horse

By Whitney Strang, Director of Development

While memories of Camp Ondessonk hold a special place in Jed Buechele’s heart, he joined the Campfire Circle to make sure future campers can experience the magic of Camp for generations to come.

“The longevity of Camp is something that is very important to me,” Jed explained. “What I cherish the most from Camp are my memories and friendships, so as long as there are opportunities to create those memories for the future staff and campers, I will be happy.”

Empowering Future Campers through Monthly Giving Jed Buechele and friend. Campfire Circle

Jed’s first memories of Camp were during his three Summers as a camper before he served on the Summer staff from 2010 until 2016. He credits Camp Ondessonk for helping to shape who he is as an adult. “It (Camp Ondessonk) was a huge factor in shaping who I am,” Jed continued. “It helped me grow personally and socially in ways that I use in almost every aspect of my life.”

Empowering Future Campers through Monthly Giving.  Jed Buechele and friends hiking. Campfire Circle

While the way he interacts with Camp has changed over time, it remains an important part of his life. For him, becoming a monthly donor offers a way to stay connected in a meaningful way. He explained, “I was lucky enough to get to a point in my life where it (joining the Campfire Circle) was something I was able to do. By giving back, I wanted to be able to provide opportunities for other campers and staff to have the same amazing experiences I got to enjoy.”

Because his Campfire Circle support is designated to support Camp’s Scholarship Fund, Jed helps more children have access experience Camp Ondessonk. “I love that Camp has a scholarship program that allows kids, who may not normally get to experience Camp, the chance to attend. I would love to see that program continue and expand in the future for more people.”

If you’d like to learn more about providing a monthly gift to Camp, please contact Whitney Strang at whitney.strang@ondessonk.com. Join Jed in supporting Camp Ondessonk with a monthly gift by visiting DonorBox or Camp’s giving page.


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