2024 Great North American Eclipse

2024 Great North American Eclipse

The 2024 Great North American Eclipse will be a truly remarkable event. The path of totality will cross the United States from Mexico to Canada, and Southern Illinois will be right in the middle of it. The eclipse will begin at 11:15 AM CDT in Mexico and end at 5:16 PM CDT in Canada. The total eclipse will last for 4 minutes and 27 seconds, making it the longest total solar eclipse in the United States since 1918.

The path of totality will pass through Southern Illinois at 1:19 PM CDT. This means that people in Southern Illinois will have the opportunity to witness something utterly unique. The Moon will completely cover the Sun, and the sky will darken like night. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and people worldwide will be coming to Southern Illinois to see it. The eclipse will be a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about science and astronomy. It will also be a tremendous opportunity for people to unite and celebrate a remarkable natural phenomenon.

In the days leading up to the eclipse, Southern Illinois will have a lot of excitement. People will be planning their eclipse viewing parties, and educational events and activities will take place. On the eclipse day, the excitement will reach a fever pitch. People will be gathered around their eclipse viewers, waiting for the moment when the Moon completely covers the Sun.

The total solar eclipse will be a truly unforgettable experience. It is a moment that people will cherish for the rest of their lives. Here are some tips for viewing the 2024 Great North American Eclipse:

  • Make sure you have proper eclipse viewing glasses. Never look directly at the Sun, even during a partial eclipse.
  • Find a safe place to view the eclipse. Avoid looking at the Sun through binoculars or telescopes, as this can cause severe eye damage.
  • Be patient. The total eclipse will only last for a few minutes.

Join us at Camp Ondessonk to experience the astronomical wonder of The Great North American Eclipse! We are so fortunate to be in the “Eclipse Crossroads of America,” where the center line of the 2017 eclipse passed over Camp, and now it will pass directly over us again on April 8, 2024!

Whether you stay with us for the entire weekend or just for the 4 minutes and 27 seconds of totality, you won’t want to miss the breathtaking view that Camp Ondessonk offers.

Click Here for registration and event details.

2024 Great North American Eclipse-  Camp Ondessonk Event


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