Lucia’s Corner- Summer 2024

Lucia’s Corner- Summer 2024

Lucias Corner Summer 2024 Camp Ondessonk Summer Staff

It may seem that summer 2024 is a long way off, but not for those who need to be planning for a successful camping season. Summer staff applications became available after Thanksgiving. Staff interviews for all but CITs were completed February 9th. We are now in the painful, tedious process of selecting summer staff. The process is difficult because we are blessed with an abundance of amazing applicants. Many have spent several summers as campers. That experience makes them valuable. Some are “legacies,” those experienced campers who have parents and grandparents who are former staff. Others are totally new to Ondessonk, but are considered for hire because of fresh ideas and perspective they can provide.

Stories of how and why someone arrives at the decision to pursue Ondessonk employment are as diverse as the applicants.  A recent Camp hire formerly drove snow removal equipment clearing runways in Antarctica. A long-time Camp employee determined to be an Ondessonk staffer on her very first overnight. One of our administrative team, a student at a local high school who had never heard of Camp, applied after a friend brought him for a visit. A 2024 Aquatics hire is the daughter of someone who applied for an Aquatics position, but was never contacted. Either her application was lost in the mail or it was intercepted by a well-meaning but intervening parent. Their daughter will now be living the parent’s dream.

Choosing from those who are returning with a proven record of excellent performance is easy. Other choices are much more difficult. Some applicants will, by necessity, be disappointed because we have more applicants than positions to fill.

Applicants who are hired will be blessed with a life-altering experience. Ask anyone who has been here.

All of those who find their way to the Ondessonk staff family are blessings from God.

Click here to learn more about employment opportunities at Camp Ondessonk.


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