All Applicants for any position at Camp 18+ years old must undergo background checks before employment begins after a conditional offer is made.  Camp Ondessonk will send both the Illinois CANTS Form and the Diocesan Background Form for background checks after a conditional offer is made. All individuals working at Ondessonk choose the job because of a strong desire to serve others, and we would love for you to join our team. 

If you have questions about job opportunities with Camp Ondessonk, please contact Nolan Hurst.


Summer Employment

Thank you for your interest in working during the summer at Camp Ondessonk. Before starting the application, please read the Letter to Potential Summer Staff, and review the Summer Job Descriptions and Salaries. The year-round administration team is available for any questions you might have throughout the application process for employment. The summer leadership staff is comprised of proven, sound decision-makers who have completed college or are actively working towards that goal. The staff to camper ratio is approximately 1:8. Leadership & staff training emphasizes child development, child protection, teaching skills, and responsible leadership. First aid and CPR training is required for employment. Depending on position, staff members are certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association, National Rifle Association, American Red Cross Lifeguard, or other appropriate certifying bodies.

Seasonal Employment

Seeking for Fall 2022: (APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 6, 2022)

From Late-August to Mid-May, Camp Ondessonk functions as an outdoor education facility, retreat center, afterschool location, campground, event venue, and more. To help these programs come to life, Camp Ondessonk looks to hire a dedicated, hard-working, creative, flexible staff to fill our critical seasonal roles.

Outdoor Education Instructors live on-site for 3 – 9 months and act as our main facilitators and support staff for all groups and programming.

Afterschool Instructors come to Camp to help facilitate our local afterschool programming from 3-5:30pm, two to four days per week, acting as tutors, activity leaders, group guides, etc.

Specialty Event Staff spend the weekend at Camp Ondessonk during large events to provide programming and support for guests of that specific event. All staff are required to be First Aid and CPR Certified.

Year-Round Employment (Full/Part-Time)

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