Lucia’s Corner- Summer 2022

Lucia’s Corner- Summer 2022

Summer 2022, number 36 for me as an employee of Ondessonk, is underway. I began my career at Camp as a Unit Leader. As Volunteer Coordinator, I am still a Unit Leader for more than 150 volunteers, 20 plus each week, who offer time and talent to fill important roles in support of summer staff.

Three healthcare professionals staff Camp’s Health Center each week. Four or more individuals join our maintenance crew. Other volunteers work in the Trading Post, Handicrafts, Barn, and in all Camp activities. Another group replenishes the supply of Lodge sashes. Pre-camp volunteers prepare sleeping bag kits for scholarship campers, sort, fold, and stock hundreds of unit t-shirts, fletch arrows, and check and site rifles.

Volunteering at Ondessonk isn’t limited to summer. If you haven’t seen the newly refurbished Fournie Lodge, either virtually or in person, you need to. Volunteers made it happen! The Beach Gazebo is another beautiful volunteer project.

Recently, volunteers poured concrete for footings for the much-needed staff housing project. Last spring, St. Noel got a fresh coat of paint courtesy of a volunteer crew. St. Noel deck refinishing is underway right now, thanks to volunteers.

From Ondessonk’s inception, volunteering has been an essential part of Camp’s development. Units, the Original Administration Building/Staff Lounge, Original Dining Hall, Chapel, and Bath Houses – nearly ALL of Camp’s structures are the result of volunteer efforts.

The tradition continues. The Spirit of Ondessonk, through God’s blessings, is alive in the magnanimous nature and generous souls of Ondessonk volunteers. It is a privilege to call them friends.


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