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CIT Program Allows for Growth in Leadership

By Joshua Mussell

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is a two-week program for 15-year-olds to give them an opportunity for growth in leadership while in a supportive and structured environment. This program is the first step in the transition from camper to counselor.
The first week focuses on leadership and teambuilding activities with the entire CIT group. At the end of the week, CITs help facilitate a specific activity area with campers under the supervision of the activity area head. This week is to prepare them for their future weeks on staff and develop their leadership abilities.
The second week is an opportunity for them to grow and develop the skills learned in the first week. CITs are placed in either a traditional or mini-camp unit. They become a part of that unit’s staff and work directly with the Unit Leader to help out with the campers and assist in facilitating the week.
“Campers should become a CIT because it is a good program to smooth the transition from camper to counselor and also teaches real-life skills,” said CIT staff member, Clay Sanford.
The campers are not the only ones that benefit from this program. The program positively impacts the CIT staff as well. It allows for further leadership development and to mold the next generation of counselors.
“CIT staff is my opportunity to leave Camp in good hands for future generations. I am here to support future leaders and maintain the spirit of Camp,” said Grace Cheney, CIT staff.





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