A Behind the Scenes Look at Camp Ondessonk

A Behind the Scenes Look at Camp Ondessonk

By Joshua Mussell

When campers, parents, and volunteers arrive at Camp Ondessonk, they are always blown away by how smoothly everything runs. This is due to the many staff members that work behind the scenes and that Camp could not function without. One of these people is our Kitchen Manager this summer, Megan Kreppert.

“As Kitchen Manager, I work back in the kitchen all day. We get to the dining hall every morning between 6:45 AM and 7:15 AM. We spend all of our mornings preparing that day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to the next day’s lunch. I sleep up in the dining hall on Tuesday nights and make the pulled pork. My job is so vital to Camp Ondessonk because, if no one took care of the kitchen, then the campers would not eat,” said Kreppert.

Not only is the Kitchen Manager vital to the function of camp. The Health and Sanitation (H&S) staff is also essential. The H&S Director, Matt Mcleod, helps lead this team.

“My job this summer is to help make sure Camp Ondessonk is maintained. This includes everything from cleaning all bathrooms and facilities to making sure new staff members know the ins and outs of Camp Ondessonk. Everyone needs a clean environment to live in and we just want to make sure that the grounds are clean and safe to keep camp running smoothly,” Mcleod said.

While these jobs might not be the most glamorous or the most fun, the H&S staff still find them just as rewarding.

“My favorite part about being on staff is the community that we have and the fact that I get to feed 600 people every day,” said Kreppert.

“Camp Ondessonk has taught me that you can be friends with all types of people from all types of backgrounds. The mix of different cultures has prepared me for the different situations that I might need to handle at my school or at my job in the future,” said Mcleod.




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