Camp Ondessonk Volunteers

Camp Ondessonk Volunteers

By Joshua Mussell

Each year, Camp Ondessonk gets a wonderful and passionate group of volunteers to fill various roles throughout the summer. The volunteers help out everywhere from activity areas to lodge sash sewing to maintenance.

Kailey LaClare

“There are so many different little jobs that people show up to help with. There is a lot of background work that people don’t think or know about that keeps Camp alive. For example, the maintenance crew works early hours. They have an earlier breakfast than everyone else because they always have a full day. There are always tree limbs to cut down after rainstorms to prevent any from falling onto campers. It is always the little things around Camp that need to be fixed but there is no other time scheduled. These volunteers come to do these projects and take the weight off of the summer and full-time staff.”

-Kailey LaClare, Former Staff and Current Volunteer

Volunteers come to Camp Ondessonk from all different backgrounds. A lot of current volunteers are past campers and staff members that come back to Camp to donate their time, to reconnect with current staff and to enjoy the beauty of Camp.

Kelly Merkert

“We have such a willing group of volunteers that come to Camp each week, and not just during the summer but all throughout the off season too. It is so beneficial because anything we could possibly need done, the volunteers are willing and able to do. They always have such a selfless attitude when they come to Camp.”

– Kelly Mekert, Former Staff, Current Volunteer

Volunteer have really helped build the bones of Camp Ondessonk. You cannot go anywhere around Camp without seeing something that was built or donated by a volunteer. This goes back 60 years ago to the beginning of Camp with the chapel being built by volunteers, to this summer with the new Swimming Area Gazebo funded and built by volunteers.


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