Month: June 2011

Camp Ondessonk Goes Ga-ga

Camp Ondessonk recently built a new Ga-ga arena for its campers.  Ga-ga is a form of dodge ball with some unique rules: 1.You can scoop the ball to throw it,…
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Evan Coulson Receives “Rising Star Award”

Evan Coulson, Camping Services Director for Camp Ondessonk, was recently selected for the 2011 SIUC Emerging Recreation Professional “Rising Star Award”.  Coulson, who recently completed his Masters program coursework at…
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Camp Ondessonk Homecoming 2011 Video

Camp Ondessonk recently released a new video high-lighting Homecoming activities including:  Pony rides, horseback riding, archery, swimming and of course world-class BBQ. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZwWwL6mR6M]

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