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Camp Ondessonk Goes Ga-ga

Camp Ondessonk recently built a new Ga-ga arena for its campers.  Ga-ga is a form of dodge ball with some unique rules:

1.You can scoop the ball to throw it, but picking up the ball and throwing it at a player is not allowed.

2. If the ball touches a player anywhere on or below the knees, that player is eliminated from the game.

3. A player cannot touch the ball two times sequentially, the ball must either hit the wall of the enclosure or another player before that player can touch the ball again. If the player violates this rule, it is called a double touch and that player is out.

4. If a player pops the ball up into the air, another player may catch it and ground it.

5. If a player hits the ball out of the court, and the ball doesn’t hit anybody or anything first, then the player who hit it is out.

Thank you Christy Balich McDougall, Jamie McDougall, John D Regan, and Jen Regan (Hogg) for generously making this project possible. By the way, Christy, Jen, and John are former Ondessonk campers and counselors. Jamie also has a background in youth camping. Heepwah!

Camp Ondessonk Ga-ga

Camp Ondessonk Ga-ga

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