What’s Your Lodge Membership Type?

What’s Your Lodge Membership Type?

Did you know there are different types of Lodge memberships?  While your membership in this special group will last throughout your life once you’re inducted into The Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha, there are three categories of membership.  

Active members are those who submit their dues annually. These members hold all privileges, including voting in matters of policy and election, serving in elected or appointed office within Lodge, participating in Lodge activities such as Council functions and other activities Lodge might hold, and free registration for Lodge Reunions and other activities Lodge might hold. 

Lifetime Lodge members secure active Lodge membership with a one-time payment of $250. Lifetime Lodge Members receive all the benefits offered to active members as well as an exclusive Lodge of Ondessonk or Lodge of Tekakwitha Lifetime pin, a certificate stating Lifetime Membership, free unit or tent camping during open camping weekends throughout the school year, and recognition on the website and in the annual Stewardship Report. 

Those who have allowed their dues to lapse are considered associate members. While they retain their membership in The Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha, associate members are not granted the same duties, responsibilities, and privileges as active members. Associate members can become active members at any time by submitting their annual dues payment. 

If you have not already renewed your dues in 2023 or would like to secure a Lifetime Lodge Membership, click here today.  

What’s Your Lodge Membership Type?

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