2nd Annual Lodge Bingo Fundraiser

2nd Annual Lodge Bingo Fundraiser

The 2nd Annual Lodge Bingo Fundraiser, coordinated by Lodge Officials, recently took place over the span of three weeks in February 2023. Lodge Officials conducted this fundraiser via social media by releasing a virtual bingo card on the Lodge Instagram page and encouraged anyone in the Camp Community to participate by reposting the bingo card on their personal social media accounts. Participants then collected donations from friends and families to fill their bingo cards, and collectively earned benchmark prizes and incentives outlined in the below flyer.

The efforts of this fundraiser raised a total of $1,062, all of which has been allocated toward the Camp Ondessonk Scholarship Fund! The Scholarship Fund helps Camp Ondessonk to offer full or partial scholarships to campers who are in need of financial assistance in the hopes that every child has an opportunity to be a part of Camp.

We want to extend appreciation to the top three fundraisers for this event: Katrina Sanford, Hunter Elderkin, and Morgan Wagner, as well as everyone from the Camp Community who participated and extended efforts to collect donations.

2nd Annual Lodge Bingo Fundraiser Camp Ondessonk

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