Spring Vaccinations at the Stables

Spring Vaccinations at the Stables

Spring Vaccinations at the Stables

Ondessonk Stables Vaccinations 2016We are looking forward to the spring and summer seasons and we have a lot of things on our to do list at the Ondessonk Stables.  First was our annual Spring Vet appointment for vaccines and Coggins tests.  This year our veterinarian, Dr. Overstreet, came out to give the horses their annual check-up, give vaccinations, and draw blood.

Many of you probably cringe at the idea of needles and shots, but our horses generally take this all in stride.  A quick prick or two and they are protected from these diseases.  And not to worry, I do explain to them that it’s for their own good.  All of the horses were vaccinated.  The vaccine is a combination vaccine for diseases like Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis (Nasty Horsey Virus), Tetanus, and the West Nile Virus.

We drew blood and filled out forms for Coggins tests for our horses that travel off site.  An annual negative Coggins is required by state for horses that travel off property for things like shows, trail rides, or events.  The negative Coggins shows that a horse is not infected with the viral disease, Equine Ondessonk Stables Vaccinations 2016_2Infectious Anemia (EIA).  EIA is transmitted by blood, primarily blood sucking insects like horse flies (nasty little things!).  There is no vaccine or effective treatment for EIA.  Good management and making sure that horses that travel are not infected reduces the risk of infection and transmission.

The pictures show Dr. Overstreet drawing all of Savannah’s markings, taking blood from Ribbon, and giving Ribbon her vaccination.  All in all our Spring vet appointment went very well this year and we are looking forward to more riding!

Heepwah and Happy Trails,

Meagan Walters
Equestrian Director


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