Spring 2019 Lodge Council Updates

Spring 2019 Lodge Council Updates

Check-out what Lodge Councils of The Lodge of Ondessonk and Tekakwitha have been up to this Spring! Read below for our Spring 2019 Lodge Council updates.

Champaign Lodge Council Update

The Champaign Lodge Council had its first meeting and planned everything out. We did some work spreading the message of Camp and recruiting more campers. We talked to a local PSR class and a religion class. We had plans to do trail maintenance at a local park, and were hoping to put on a Saturday spectacular, but we didn’t have the man power.

Peoria Lodge Council Update

Peoria Council has had a fun year so far! We started off our fundraising this year with a change race that will be wrapping up at the end of the summer and a Trick-or-Treat for change on Halloween raising about $260 for Camp! We’ve had a few members attend the Spring and Fall Reunions as well as the Work Weekend to help out around Camp. Our council bonding meetings have included a super-fun trip to the trampoline park and a gift exchange around Christmas time. Going forward, we are going to start working on a service project for the community. We are all very excited for the summer, and hope to see you soon!

Evansville Lodge Council Update

Evansville Lodge Council has hosted a variety of events this past year. We kicked off our year with a fun meeting where we played some mini-golf and laser tag at a local venue. Other activities at meetings have included a Christmas party, Trick-or-Treating for change, and cleaning a park. Some of our most attended meetings happened at Camp itself during the Spring and Fall lodge reunions. Evansville was also a key proponent in hosting the March Work Weekend, which despite having a lot of rain, was able to provide a lot of service to Camp. We look forward to all that next year brings. Heepwah!

Clinton County Lodge Council Update

In late 2018 to 2019, Clinton County Lodge Council has been very busy. Two fundraisers took place and the funds raised from the shirt fundraiser totaled over $200! The rain jacket fundraiser final total is still being tallied. Clinton County also participated in the March Work Weekend, which was a huge success. Most of our council meetings have been centered around bonding and team building. Clinton County Lodge Council is hoping to participate in more community involvement events and continue to give back to Camp and its surrounding community.

Springfield Area Lodge Council Update

The Springfield Area Lodge Council has had a very active and successful year! Our meetings have include promoting Camp at various events such as a local Trunk-or-Treat and going to the community to performing services such as singing Christmas carols at a local elderly home. The officials and active members were able to put together and plan 2 major fundraisers. Our first fundraiser included us designing blankets and selling them to the Camp Ondessonk community. From that we made $500 which went to Camp’s Campership Fund. Our 2nd fundraiser was our Saturday Spectacular! We hosted 33 campers for a Saturday afternoon and evening and made an additional $800 for the Campership Fund. Although we are a hard working group, we also enjoy having fun by hosting a gift exchange at meetings and dinner at Ihop! Heepwah to a great year!

Metro East Lodge Council Update

Over the past off season, Metro East Lodge Council has held and attended 12 different lodge events. In October we held a Trick-or-Treat for change event that raised $1,070.00 which was donated to Camp Ondessonk. We also helped to host a Multi-Council Work Weekend at Camp in March, where we mulched and made the grounds a more beautiful place for the summer. We are super excited to welcome new members over the summer and can’t wait to see what the year to come has to offer!!


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