Sit Down with Veteran Ondessonk Staff Memeber, Greg Santen

Sit Down with Veteran Ondessonk Staff Memeber, Greg Santen

By Joshua Mussell

Program Director Greg Santen

Each year, we get a new generation of Camp Ondessonk staff. It is up to the veterans to help the new staff get immersed in Camp culture and make new staff memories. This week, I was fortunate enough to talk with our Program Director Greg Santen, and discuss his time and role at Camp, both during the summer and throughout the year. 

Q: What is your role here at camp?

A: My main job focus during the school year is the Outdoor Education groups, the Road Scholars, and the Adult Adventure programs in the fall and spring, as well as our weekend groups throughout the off-season. During the summer, I work with the Camping Services Director, Alissa, and the Program Coordinator, Nolan, doing tasks that they might not have time to do. I also oversee the Adventure Coordinator, which oversees the Adventure program, as well as the CIT (Counselor in Training) Directors and the CIT program. 

Q: What was your first memory of Camp?

A: My first memory was when my three friends and I came to Camp together when we were eleven. We put all of our luggage by a big rock next to Le Cour. Every time I walk by it, I think of that exact moment we put our luggage there, and I have a photo of all of us standing next to that rock.

Q: What made you want to join the staff and stay so long?

A: I just loved it, and it just felt right. It was a no brainer that I was going to become a counselor the next year. This was going to happen. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being on staff now?

A: Continuing the legacy and carrying it on for the current Ondessonk staff to create great campers, that in turn, will create a new generation of great staff. It is how I feel I am giving back. I spent six summers on summer staff and I want the current Ondessonk staff to have the same experience that I had.


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