Service Areas Running Camp From Behind the Scenes

Service Areas Running Camp From Behind the Scenes

The Camp Ondessonk Service Areas work behind the scenes to make summer camp run with ease.

These areas include the Office/Trading Post, Health and Sanitation, Media, and the Kitchen. Staff members of these areas, including CITs, take on a workload that can consist of less camper interaction.

This summer’s Kitchen Manager, Bishop Sforza, has worked in the service areas for multiple summers. Bishop said the impacts made by the Camp Ondessonk Service Areas are some of the most important at Camp.

“A lot of times people are drawn away from service areas because they think they don’t get as much time with the kids or that their job is not as important,” Bishop said. “To me, yes, there is less face to face interaction with campers on a day to day basis, but at the end of the day what you’re doing for the kids is important. It makes you cherish those moments you have with the kids so much more, which is why I’ve stayed in the service areas.”

As Kitchen Manager, Bishop oversees kitchen staff to correctly make and store food to feed everyone who comes to camp. Bishop also worked in Health and Sanitation in the summer of 2021 as the Health and Sanitation Coordinator.

Kellen Gallagher, a staff member working in media, spends his time taking photos of campers daily. To Kellen, this is something meaningful as he can see the impact he makes through his job.

“This service area impacts camp as a whole by freezing the moments where kids are doing activities that they wouldn’t do anywhere else,” Kellen said. “It freezes them for (campers) and parents so they have something to remember camp by more than just a souvenir. They’ll be able to see pictures of them doing those activities.”

Summer Kitchen Staff working in their Service Area to serve Camp.


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