Ondessonk Counselor-In-Training Program: Growing the Next Generation of Staff Members

Ondessonk Counselor-In-Training Program: Growing the Next Generation of Staff Members

The progression of staff members at Camp Ondessonk has changed in the 2022 summer with the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. The Counselor-In-Training program now takes the place of the Leader-In-Training program (LIT). The program allows for new staff members to rotate into different jobs weekly and experience life in the units..

“In previous years this program was called LIT, or Leader-In-Training,” said Teen Leadership Coordinator Dani Merz. “The biggest change we’ve made this summer is providing them more support and more opportunities to connect with each other.”

Merz said that the changes aim to allow for development of the program along with more structure.

CIT Jaycie Johnson said that the program has been a new experience to allow her and her peers to grow into staff.

“It definitely was a big jump, these past two weeks I’ve learned a lot from the older staff, I’ve learned how to deal with different situations and how to work in different areas,” Johnson said.

Similar to previous years, the program involves the participants rotating to different activity and service areas. These rotations hope to allow for the CIT’s to gain a wide skillset in multiple areas.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get more of an idea of camp and to see what it’s like, so it’s like a little step in the water before you become an actual counselor,” Johnson said.

Participants in Camp Ondessonk's Counselor-In-Training program experiencing duties from possible work environments.
Counselor’s-In-Training getting a glimpse of the duties of Health and Sanitation Staff during Staff Orientation earlier in the summer.


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