Please include Camp Ondessonk in your year-end giving plans!

Please include Camp Ondessonk in your year-end giving plans!

Please include Camp Ondessonk in your year-end giving plans! More than 3,000 children spent part of their summer at Camp Ondessonk this year. More than 3,000 children were given the opportunity to experience the magic of Camp. A place where they met their new best friend, or bonded with old friends over the flickering light of a campfire.

For every child at Camp, there were parents who couldn’t help but worry about how their child would function without them for a week. This was a sentiment shared by a former Camp Ondessonk counselor as she sent her oldest son off to Camp:

“Dear Lord, Give him good weather, but just enough rain to remember how refreshing a good downpour can be when it’s spent with company who likes to sing in the rain. Let him miss me just enough to be reminded of my love for him, but not so much that he cries in the cabin at night. I am not worried about the trivial things, Lord. I plan on burning his clothing upon his return instead of attempting to wash the smell of week old funky socks, horse manure, and damp clothing that has been crumpled under a bed for a week.

 But, if it’s not too much to ask, keep the magic that draws kids to you while in this place. Because we all deserve to have somewhere in this world that is as pure as his heart still is. Amen.”                                                                                       -Mandy Marggraf

 Your belief in our mission, and your willingness to make an investment in our future, and the futures of the thousands of children who venture across the covered bridge each year, will enable us to continue the magic of Camp for generations of children to come. As the holidays approach, and with the season of giving upon us, we kindly ask that you consider including Camp Ondessonk in your year-end giving plans.

Thank You! Heepwah!


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