Ondessonk Announces $84,000 in Summer Camp Scholarships

Ondessonk Announces $84,000 in Summer Camp Scholarships


Summer Camp Scholarships OndessonkOzark, Illinois—Camp Ondessonk announces $84,000 in Summer Camp Scholarships available now through the generous gifts of supporters. These scholarships are for children who want to attend the 2019 Summer Camp and are designed to make to make Camp Ondessonk more accessible to children of all economic means.

Scholarship applicants will receive a minimum of $200 in tuition assistance for Traditional and Adventure camps or $100 in tuition assistance for Mini Camp.  Based on financial need, up to 100% of tuition assistance will be awarded.  A sliding scale is used to determine the amount of award based on income and household size.

 “We are delighted to announce these scholarship opportunities which reflect the importance of children’s outdoor education programs,” says Dan King, Executive Director. “Our Summer Camp program is committed to a ‘whole-child’ approach, which provides our campers with personal development and leadership skills while promoting stewardship for and appreciation of God’s gifts.”  

Camp Ondessonk is an equal opportunity provider of summer camp programs. Scholarship awards are made without regard to geographic location, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability or another legally protected status.  All programs/camps offered at Camp Ondessonk are eligible for scholarship funding.

“Kids need places such as Camp Ondessonk for reasons that go far beyond fun,” notes Dan King.  “The life-experience they gain at camp is a catalyst for strengthened self-esteem and developing a greater sense of awareness of the things that matter when it comes to growing into conscientious and productive adults.”

Families who would like to apply for Summer Camp Scholarships should visit Camp Ondessonk’s website:  https://ondessonk.com/giving/scholarships/ or call toll free 877-659-2267 to request scholarship application materials sent via mail.

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