Lodge Camp: a Week of Service and Fun

Lodge Camp: a Week of Service and Fun

Lodge Camp marks the last week of summer camp and consists of members in the Lodge of Ondessonk and Tekakwitha.  The programming includes special activities at activity areas along with two units filled with campers in Lodge.

Tristen Payne, one of the four Lodge Officials, is a Unit Leader for Lodge Camp this week.  All four Officials Unit Lead during the program and help facilitate the activities.

“Unit Leading Lodge Camp has been an absolute blast,” Payne said.  “All the way from the activities that we do to the energy that they kids provide, it’s just really been a great time interacting with everyone and having a great time”

Payne said the program provides a step up from what Traditional Campers participate in.  Some examples include shooting flaming arrows at archery, beach parties, service projects, and more.

Campers in the program continue serving Camp during their week as Lodge is a service-based organization.  Each summer, the group completes a service project to help better Camp Ondessonk, but it is just one way the campers help out.

“Lodge benefits both Camp and the campers that sign up for lodge camp because all of these kids love Camp, that’s why they’re in Lodge,” Payne said.  “They have a love for Camp, a passion to serve and seeing them bring that energy into Camp this week has been truly a tremendous sight.  They’re always offering to help out.  They help out not only each other, but they also help out all the kids here at Camp and in the main area (serving) as awesome role models to everyone and they just really love being here.”

Payne said that Lodge members should sign up for Lodge Camp as it provides different programming than Traditional Camp.  The campers are offered more freedom as they have been to Camp multiple times.

Ava, a camper in Lodge Camp, is currently partaking in her second week of Lodge Camp.  She said her favorite part of the program is the freedom and different activities she can participate in.

“In lodge camp, I like that we get to do the activity areas but a step higher.  For Challenge, we do the high ropes course.  In Nature, we repel down Pakentuck.  For archery, we shoot flaming arrows.  I like that we get to do what traditional Camp does but just a step above that.”

Lodge Camp takes place in the final session of each summer.  Any camper currently in the Lodge of Ondessonk and Tekakwitha is eligible to enroll for future sessions.


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