Living Out Lodge Fundraiser

Living Out Lodge Fundraiser

Living out Lodge Fundraiser Ondessonk

By Emily Reider

The Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha is a service organization for campers and staff alike who have shown their loyalty and dedication to Camp in an exemplary way. Through fundraisers and service, all members of Lodge strive to give back to the Camp Ondessonk community and to act as ambassadors of Ondessonk’s values and Camp Spirit in their daily lives.

The Mission of Lodge: The Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha represent a select group of campers, CITs, staff, and volunteers from Camp Ondessonk who work to keep alive the ideals of love and the respect for all persons, for the earth, and for the community.  Members strive to uphold these ideas and to promote the interests of Camp Ondessonk both at Camp and in their local communities.

As an organization, Lodge is divided geographically into Councils, that act independently to do service in their communities and for Ondessonk throughout the calendar year. The Lodge Officials, a group of four elected individuals, oversee all Councils, that also have a group of local Officials.  Council Officials oversee all the happenings within their Council while also directly reporting to the Lodge Officials.

This year-end fundraiser was designed to create a friendly competition among the Lodge Councils while promoting Camp Ondessonk, its mission, and raising money to send kids to Camp.  All participating Lodge members raised $705 collectively, which was a fantastic way to close out 2021 for The Loyal Lodge.  The highest-earning group was the Tri-State Lodge Council.  All participating members in Tri-State will be hosted at Camp for a winner’s weekend in April, including shooting flaming arrows, foil meals, rock rappelling, and other activities to celebrate their hard work and dedication to Ondessonk.  A huge Heepwah to all those who participated, and keep an eye out for more upcoming Lodge competitions and fundraisers!

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