Hiring and Training our 2016 Summer Staff

Hiring and Training our 2016 Summer Staff

Hiring and Training our 2016 Summer Staff

By Alissa Hollmann- Camping Services Director

Staff training begins Memorial Day weekend and in just a few short weeks camp will again be filled with hundreds of people laughing and playing together.  We are excited for all of our new staff members to join us this summer.  We will be hosting two international staff members.   Max Gull is coming from England and Adam Hepp will be arriving from Hungary!  We are so excited to welcome these two to the camp community.  I asked each of them to share a bit about themselves. Here’s what they had to say:
Max Ondessonk CounselorMax:  I’m currently studying toward a Geography degree at Oxford Brookes and during the term, I live in a flat with eight others. My home is in Suffolk. I live in a historic market town called Framlingham visited by many tourists in the summer. It’s a very typical English place. It even has its own castle!

Job this summer: Challenge Course Instructor


Favorite color: It has to be white as this is the shirt color of my favorite football team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Favorite Movie: My favorite film would have to be the The Dark Knight in the Batman trilogy.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Favorite Food: Whatever my mum cooks.

Secret skills: Beatboxing and street dancing.

Most Irrational Fear: I don’t really have an irrational fear, however, I do worry that when driving over a bridge it may spontaneously collapse beneath me!

An animal that would make the best pet: I think owning a pet sloth would be cool

What I am looking forward to most this summer: This summer the thing I look forward to the most is probably experiencing camp life as a whole and meeting new people.


From Adam:

Adam Ondessonk CounselorI live in Albertirsa, which is a small town in the middle of my home country Hungary, and I’m a high school student in our capital city Budapest. I am literally counting down the days left to arrive. 😀

Job this summer: Photographer

What I want to be when I grow up: I’d like to be a mechanical or electrical engineer or DNA researcher.

Favorite Movie: I really love all the Star Wars movies and some Stephen King adapted TV shows.

Favorite outdoor activity: Playing basketball and canoeing.

Favorite Food: I don’t know what food I like the best, maybe pancakes.

Secret Skill: I can cook.

Animal I’d most like to have as a pet: I’d really like to have cats. They’re so cute but I’m allergic to them so I couldn’t make it.

Most irrational fear: I hate spiders. I’m just afraid of them, but not the bigger; rather the small ones.

What I am looking forward to most this summer: I’m looking forward to traveling to the US, meeting everyone,  and taking as many pictures as I can.

Remember that there are many ways to be a part of summer camp.  We are still in need of volunteers for some sessions.  Contact Lucia Hodges (volunteer@ondessonk.com) for more information about volunteering this summer.  All of our past campers, CITs, LITs and staff who may or may not be part of the current 2016 staff are always welcome to be a part of Camp’s community through volunteerism, family camping, and Lodge.


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