Heepwah Examined

Heepwah Examined

By Lucia Juenger Hodges

Some events in our lives are indelibly imprinted on our memories; some are pleasant, some are not.  Spend just a few minutes in reflection and you will recall more than just a few of your own.  One of these events for me is my first opening campfire at Ondessonk.

Heepwah Examined Campfire

The Master of Ceremonies was charismatic, a master of his craft.  He held the audience spellbound in leading songs and in the telling of a ghost story.  But, before any of this transpired he introduced a “magic” word.  This word was to replace clapping, shouting, screaming, Yeah or Hurray and all other forms of oral appreciation for the duration of the campfire and for the duration of our time at Ondessonk. Have you guessed the “magic” word?

Heepwah is no longer just a word of excitement and enthusiasm, it has become a symbol of unity shared by those who have been privileged to experience Ondessonk.  It is an automatic and unconscious response to good happenings.  If you have ever shouted “Heepwah” at a sporting event or when a movie hero triumphs, you might have been rewarded with a Heepwah in response.  There is an immediate delight in the recognition that there is a friend in the crowd.  If you haven’t yet tried it, please do.  You will be reminded of your connection to the exceptional Ondessonk family.

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