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Archives Room Update

By Judy Blase Woodruff Many friends have asked when the Archives Room in the basement of St. Noel will be open again. It has been a long, tedious task to…
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From Trading Post & Camper’s Lounge to Administration Building to Staff Lounge

By Pati Egan One of the oldest original structures at Camp Ondessonk is the building pictured above. The date it was constructed is not mentioned in the 50th Anniversary Book,…
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What Is Specialty Camp?

By Pati Egan The January 1992 Camp Ondessonk Newsletter featured this question, and then went on to introduce a totally new way to enjoy Camp. Specialty Camp evolved into Camp…
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Way back in the woods where nobody goes, there’s a little old unit called Raganeau…And the Rag Rats go: ooh, aah, oh, Raganeau!

By Pati Egan Before we learn the story of why Raganeau staff (no matter what generation) call themselves Rag Rats we need to go back to the beginning. Way back…
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Boondoggle Forever! Handicrafts at Camp Ondessonk

By Pati Egan, Many a camper and staff member have spent countless hours working with multiple strands of plastic lacing to create a lanyard, keychain, bracelet, or any number of…
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Lodge Camp Ondessonk- What Is serendipity and what does it have to do with the Council Ring

What is serendipity and what does it have to do with the Council Ring?

By Pati Egan What does the Council Ring have to do with the word serendipity? First, we need to define the word. According to the dictionary it means the “faculty…
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