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One of the original four – Brébeuf!

By Pati Egan According to a Newsletter from 2000, a new Brébeuf made its debut as a rebuilt unit.  It was the last of the original four units to be…
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Ahatsistari is the big number one…Second to none…No doubt about It…You’ll hear us shout it…Ahatsistari’s number one…

By Pati Egan As I watched the majestic Clydesdales enter Busch Stadium Thursday, this long-forgotten cheer entered my mind.  Ahatsistari did exist as a tent unit in 1965.  When the…
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Goupil Camp Ondessonk (

Looking for footprints…one of the original four – Goupil

By Pati Egan Every time I go to Camp, one of the units I stop and spend some time in is Goupil. When I was a camper, I usually tried…
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The Marquette Trail

By Pati Egan While helping to organize the Archives Room at Camp, an unopened box caught my attention.  The box was full of approximately 100 individually-boxed medals.  The medals were…
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Heepwah Examined

By Lucia Juenger Hodges Some events in our lives are indelibly imprinted on our memories; some are pleasant, some are not.  Spend just a few minutes in reflection and you…
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Red…Owl…Go down a really steep hill…Got to be LaLande!

By Pati Egan Grandma, this is not the LaLande you remembered! Grandma or grandpa would be right about the location. LaLande has essentially never moved since 1959.  It has the…
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