Future Planning Helped Keep the Gate Open

Future Planning Helped Keep the Gate Open

Future Planning Helped Keep the Gates Open

Becoming a member of the Le Coeur Society helps preserve the mission of Camp Ondessonk for generations to come, often in unexpected ways. When Greg Mateyka included Camp Ondessonk in his estate plans, no one could have imagined how his gift would help Keep the Gate Open during a summer without campers. 

During his life, Greg loved Camp Ondessonk. He was a camper in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a Counselor in Training, dedicated Lodge member, and volunteer who once hitchhiked to avoid missing a Lodge Reunion weekend. When he sadly passed away in July 2014, his Lodge sash and several Camp keepsakes and photos were prominently displayed at his funeral.

When Camp Ondessonk was notified of Greg’s generous unrestricted bequest, which remains one of the largest in Camp’s history, many began to dream about how the funds would be spent. Thankfully, the gift was held waiting to fund Camp’s greatest need.

In 2020, Greg’s bequest was one of the many generous gifts that helped Camp Ondessonk when we were unable to hold Summer Camp. Without a doubt, his gift made it possible for future generations of campers to continue to experience the treasures awaiting them at Ondessonk. His memory lives on in everyone who travels down the Camp Road to enjoy the place he held dear.

We are thankful that Greg and many others have provided for Camp Ondessonk’s future by including a gift in their estate plans. If you would like to join them by including Camp Ondessonk in your future planning, contact Whitney Strang, Director of Development at 618-695-2489 x114 or whitney.strang@ondessonk.com. If you already have included Camp Ondessonk in your plans, please let us know by completing the Le Coeur Society Letter of Intent.


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