Evaluating the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha 

Evaluating the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha 

Evaluating the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha

There comes a time at camps and recreation facilities around the country to do a periodic review of program policies, procedures, and traditions to ensure that the organization’s goals are still being met, and important traditions are preserved. What no longer needs to be done that might be outdated? What can be done better? What new ideas need to be implemented? What has been working well?  

Camp Ondessonk will embark on this journey throughout the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. It will feel like a daunting task because Lodge has been around for so long, but nevertheless, now is the time to look forward, to discuss, and implement any needed changes.  

To capture the years of history, tradition, and changes, the time has come to ask Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha members to help with this type of review process for the Lodge at Camp Ondessonk. A Lodge Program Efficiency and Program Audit has been created to obtain Lodge member opinions. This will lead to the determination and collaboration that ensures all parts of Lodge are still functioning as needed for Camp Ondessonk and our campers.  

Your opinion is important! Your input will help determine how Camp Ondessonk will embrace innovation while honoring tradition regarding the Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha. If you wish to be involved in productive conversations around this topic, please contact Nolan at nolan.hurst@ondessonk.com.  

Please respond with your opinions and ideas to the survey here by November 27, 2023. Thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful, and honest input. 


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