Successful Work Weekend at Camp O 

Successful Work Weekend at Camp O 

Successful Work Weekend at Camp O

By Elizabeth Dirnbeck 

Volunteer work is a major contributing factor to the success of any organization. This rings true at Camp Ondessonk, as we rely on volunteers to fulfill many roles around Camp. Each year Camp O dedicates one weekend in the Spring and one weekend in the Fall as work weekends for members of the Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekakwitha along with friends of Camp’s Barn to complete significant tasks that prepare Camp for the coming season.

During the recent Fall Lodge Reunion and Stable Round-Up weekend, a total of 137 volunteers (84 Lodge Members and 53 Stable Round-Up volunteers) worked on various projects and tasks throughout the seven-hour workday on Saturday, October 14th. Projects that were completed included: deep cleaning of common areas in St. Noel and the Dining Hall, clearing Camp’s trail system of leaves and debris, sprucing up the barn, and winterizing boats and the boating area. Camp provides the tools and supplies that are necessary, and our Lodge Members and volunteers provide the labor to complete the various planned projects.

Upkeep and maintenance at Camp can be very time consuming and expensive, which is a significant motivating factor for hosting work weekends. With the help of our many dedicated volunteers, Camp is able to complete several important projects in a fraction of the time that it would take Maintenance and Outdoor Education Staff to complete. Nolan Hurst, Camping Services Director, explained, “…it is through their [volunteer’s] work that Camp can be prepared for Fall Events that provide safe and friendly environments. They are also key to ensuring that equipment and facilities are kept clean and in good working order to allow Camp to offer services for years to come.”

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