Celebrating a Milestone with a Lifetime Lodge Membership

Celebrating a Milestone with a Lifetime Lodge Membership

It started with a gift.  In 2012, Johanna “Josie” Hooten was given a week of summer camp as a Christmas gift from her grandma to continue the tradition of attending Camp Ondessonk begun by her mom, Mary Hooten, and her siblings, who attended camp in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Josie returned as a camper that next summer and was inducted into Lodge.  She attended each summer thereafter before becoming a CIT in 2018.  Josie worked in Handicrafts during her first summer on staff in 2019 and was excited to serve as the Farm to Table Manager in her second summer on staff, but unfortunately, that summer was canceled due to COVID. 

As planning began for Josie to celebrate a milestone birthday this month, her mom expected to continue another family tradition.   Josie explained, “My mom asked me what kind of special jewelry I would want to commemorate my 21st birthday,” but Josie had a different plan.  “I asked if she would instead gift me a Lifetime Lodge Membership since it would mean a lot more to me than a piece of jewelry.” 

Josie’s mom was surprised by the request.  “I expected she would pick out a keepsake piece of jewelry as others in our family have done, but a Lifetime Lodge Membership is all she wanted.  I can’t argue with that!” 

Her birthday wish was fulfilled, and she became a Lifetime Lodge Member, celebrating her 21st birthday with her grandma, who gifted her that week of Camp when she was 10, along with her family, and friends.  

“Giving a Lifetime Membership for Lodge is a great gift idea for your kid because it is something they will cherish for the rest of their life,” Josie explained.  “I know I am definitely thankful to never have to remember to pay my Lodge Membership again!” 

To learn more about the benefits of a Lifetime Lodge Membership or to give it as a gift, visit Ondessonk.com/Lifetime-Lodge-membership


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