Camp People Watching: You Are Being Noticed!

Camp People Watching: You Are Being Noticed!

Camp People Watching: You Are Being Noticed!

by Jeremy M. Culpepper

This Fall, more than a dozen of Camp Ondessonk’s finest left home for their first year of college. I recently had the chance to catch up with several of them and to hear about their “Freshman Year Experience” thus far.  More specifically, I asked each of them how they felt their camp experiences have better prepared them for the uniqueness of the college experience. Here are a few comments that were shared:

–           “I didn’t have to worry about homesickness or what it would be like to share a room with multiple people for the first time.”

–          “Camp has helped me learn how to befriend strangers.”

–          “I know I am responsible to be able to live on my own.”

–          “I have become an active person and find it hard to not go out and get involved.”

–          “I had to prioritize my time, just like at camp.”

–          “A lot of people are 30 minutes from school and are already homesick but with all the skills I’ve acquired helping homesick campers plus the experience of being away for long amounts of time, being 16 hours away is no problem for me.”

I have always been quite fascinated with trying to pick a “camp person” out in a crowd. Whether I am shopping with my family at the mall, or waiting in the concession line at a ball game, I find myself closely watching how people interact with each other and carry themselves. (Please note: “camp people watching” ≠ “creepy guy”).

Good luck to all as you embark on new adventures in your life this Fall. Whether you are a College Freshmen, an entry-level employee at a new job, or have found someone you will be happy with for the rest of your life, because of camp…….you will carry yourselves well and you WILL stand out!


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