Camp Ondessonk- Rat Patrol Skating Party

Camp Ondessonk- Rat Patrol Skating Party

Rat Patrol Skating Party

By Emma Klues

Almost 100 friends gathered on Saturday March 3rd, 2012 for Rat Patrol: A Birthday Benefit for Camp Ondessonk at the Skatium in St. Louis at which supporters celebrated the anniversary of the naming of Camp Ondessonk, originally on February 26th. This event was a fun reunion of staff alumni enjoying food, drink, roller skating, tunes by DJ Jason Valentine, and catching up with each other. The event raised almost $2000.00 in donations and gifts-in-kind from the Amazon.com registry camp created. Many folks donated money, while others chose to contribute vital items such as life jackets, riding helmets, ammunition, and tarps. This event takes place every other February/March, opposite the Gala. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, and a big heepwah to the planning committee Brynn Freed, Allie McCreary, Callie Kreidler, Emma Klues, Dan Frierdich, Stephanie Colbert, Megan Bell, Ryan Brummer, Amy Broadway, Carrie Birge, Katie Birge, Jill Kunkel-Weidman, Laura Beauchamp, Greg Santen, Jenn Brennan, Rebecca Cler and Amber Garvey. If you would like to make sure you receive an invitation next time for the 2014 event, email your updated info to ratpatrol@ondessonk.com. If you want to send camp a belated birthday present, check out our registry at http://amzn.to/CampO and be sure to add a note to say it’s from you!


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