Camp Ondessonk Kitchen and Dining Hall Staff

Camp Ondessonk Kitchen and Dining Hall Staff

At Camp Ondessonk, the contribution of well-trained staff members makes the camp experience more meaningful, fun, and safe for campers. These staff are dedicated to their craft and are always working together to adjust schedules to ensure efficiency and meet camper and staff needs. It is important that accommodations are made, and this summer there were changes made in the Dining Hall and the Kitchen with regard to the staff.

In the past, the Kitchen staff were mainly responsible for cooking the camp meals, guaranteeing that correct sanitation methods were in place, cleaning the dishes, and creating packouts for meals not eaten in the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall staff would run meals, set the tables, clean the Dining Hall, and assist campers and staff during meals with anything they may need. While many of these tasks are still being completed in their respective fields, compromises were made between these two service areas.

This summer, staff members working in the Dining Hall were given more duties in order to support the Kitchen staff better. Now, the Dining Hall staff not only set up meals and clean the Dining Hall, but they also assist with cleaning the dishes and creating packouts to divide the workload more evenly. Dining Hall staff can also be found helping campers during “spat” or using a spatula to assist them in cleaning up their trays, cups, silverware, plates, and bowls. The staff at Camp Ondessonk are constantly communicating in order to make changes in workload and scheduling to serve their community better. The Dining Hall and the Kitchen staff are very valuable to Camp Ondessonk and its mission, and their dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed. 

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