Built By Volunteers

Built By Volunteers

Ondessonk VolunteersOndessonk volunteers have been serving Camp for 56 years. With at least 150 volunteers participating per summer, Camp greatly benefits from the hours of work they put in. Lucia Hodges, Ondessonk’s Volunteer Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, states, “The very existence of Camp is dependent upon volunteers and the skills and generosity they put into Camp Ondessonk.” Camp was built from the ground-up by volunteers.  Ondessonk volunteers construct everything from the bathhouses, cabins and most recently the rifle range. Hodges adds, “The most unique aspect about Camp’s volunteers is the unique skill-set each of them brings to Camp; many of which are difficult to find in younger counselors. We have some volunteers that serve in Handicrafts who are also certified Pharmacists who could also just as easily be working in the Health Center, but dedicate themselves to other specific areas in Camp that they love.”

Bryan Reaka, a former camper and current staff member and volunteer, has dedicated hundreds of hours to Camp and continues to dedicate his time in various areas around Ondessonk. Reaka says, “The skills I have are ones that Camp needs right now. This is something a lot of volunteers have in common.” Many Ondessonk volunteers specialize in more than one skill in order to benefit Camp in multiples areas.

Ondessonk VolunteerVolunteers can lend a hand in several areas including the trading post, kitchen, garden and health center.  Judy Hejnal was a camper for six years and a staff member for two in the early 90’s. She has been volunteering for six summers in the trading post and says, “I volunteer at the trading post because I like to keep busy and there is always something to do.” She adds, “Everybody can volunteer at a place in camp they love. In particular Camp is a great place to be because it is so peaceful. It is a great place to clear your head and be close to God. He is all around you.”

–Amanda Bailey

For fifty-six years, Camp Ondessonk has been blessed with strong support from thousands of volunteers. To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here.


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