A bridge to nowhere?

A bridge to nowhere?

By Pati Egan

A bridge to nowhere?  This bridge used to be an important access point to get too old Daniel.

A Bridge to nowhere?  Daniel Camp Ondessonk History

The Daniel Shortcut

Daniel used to be located where there are now the two ziplines that end in the lake.  I believe you walk up a path to get to the zipline.  This bridge was a wonderful shortcut from the road to Daniel.

A bridge to nowhere?  Daniel cabins Camp Ondessonk

Old Daniel

To my knowledge, the Eagle has always been the spirit animal of Daniel.  Daniel’s cabins sat above the cliff.  It was at that time probably the highest unit.  The Eagle was a perfect match for this unit above the cliffs. There was a ladder from the road to the top of the cliffs.  Unfortunately, the ladder was not secured to the rocks and the ladder would constantly get “lost”.

Camp Before Echon

There are a lot of features that still stand in this photo.  Even though Daniel was torn down after the rebuild you can see it in this photo.  The lake in the picture is Lake St. Isaac (the swimming lake).

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