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Going to the Gala?

By Pati Egan Not if you were only involved in Camp in its early years – you went to the Appreciation Dinner! It’s hard to date when the first Appreciation…
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Patches, Badges and the Old Camp Logo

By Pati Egan Staff and C.I.T.s  (Counselors in Training) no longer wear these patches on their uniform shirts.  A staff picture from 1988 shows the girls’ and most of the…
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The Great Green Machine

By Pati Egan The Great Green Machine…Garnier!  The Kelly-Green Unit of Garnier was not one of the four original units, but it was a huge hit when it was built…
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A bridge to nowhere?

By Pati Egan A bridge to nowhere?  This bridge used to be an important access point to get too old Daniel. The Daniel Shortcut Daniel used to be located where…
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The Amazing Ruth Halterman & Her Office Machines

By Pati Egan How did she do it?  No computers, no copy machines, just an electric typewriter, a mimeograph machine, and carbon paper. Ruth Hayden Halterman was born and grew…
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