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Where Are They Now- Amy Rivers

Where Are They Now- Amy Rivers

By Ryan Brummer

Amy Rivers photo

Amy Rivers photo

We all have fond memories of Camp Ondessonk and of our favorite staff members.  For many of those who were campers in the early 1990s one name specifically comes to mind: Amy Rivers.  Amy was a classic Ondessonk counselor with a strong compassion for the campers, a kind personality with her fellow staff, and of course the ability to rock a guitar like nobody’s business.

After attending CampOndessonk, Amy continued to mold the minds of young ones for several years as a middle school science teacher.  Once Amy had children of her own, she decided to take a step back and focus on family life for a while.  Amy has raised two wonderful kids: Izzy, 12, who says her life is all about the c’s (cheerleading and camp), and Andrew, 11, who never stops playing sports, unless they interfere with a week at camp.

Currently Amy spends all of her time either with her kids or managing Lamasco’s; a bar she owns in Evansville,Indiana.  Amy says the business plan behind the bar stems from her time at Ondessonk.  Camp is where Amy says she discovered the true power behind music and how it can make someone truly happy.  She not only hosts live performances from Evansville bands, but also opens up the stage for friends of camp to play.

Amy still loves to visit camp as much as she can and help out by volunteering every summer.  Amy also plans a huge party at Lamasco’s every year to benefit camp..  “Half Way to Labor Day” happens mid February and half of the profits made from the evening go toward the Campership Fund.  The exact dates of this year’s party will be coming out shortly, and Amy can’t wait to see everyone.

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