Volunteering with a Twist

Volunteering with a Twist

Volunteering with a Twist

When people think of volunteering at Camp Ondessonk, their mind often goes to working to build or repair one of Camp’s structures, serving summer campers in one of the program areas, or helping with landscaping projects to prepare for the next season. This fall, two Camp Friends, Shannon Sonderman and Michelle (Kreppert) Bretscher, served in unique volunteer roles when they each hosted a group for one-of-a-kind specialty weekends.

The weekends, auctioned during the 2023 Camp Ondessonk Gala – The Roaring 20s, promised the winners a stay in St. Noel, complimentary meals, and lots of fun. Each event was made exceptional by the two volunteers, Shannon and Michelle, who each worked to make the experiences extra special. 

The first of the two events, the Wine Trail Weekend, was hosted by Shannon during the last weekend in September. The group spent the beautiful fall day enjoying five wineries located on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and returned to Camp for a fabulous surf and turf meal. 

During the first weekend of November, Michelle took on hosting duties during the Vod Squad Weekend. After spending the beginning of the day enjoying fall at Camp Ondessonk, the “Squad” spent their evening with a stop in the pasture before watching sunset skies at the spillway that ended with a cookout in the swimming gazebo. 

Volunteering with a Twist Michelle Bretscher

Our thanks to Shannon and Michelle for volunteering to lead these events and the two groups who won them during the Gala’s live auction!

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