From Friends Weekend to Campfire Circle

From Friends Weekend to Campfire Circle

From Friends Weekend to Campfire Circle

Traveling down the Camp Road for Labor Day Friends Weekend in 2022 was special for Robyn Cler. She had planned to share one of her favorite places with her partner, Nate Piwnicki, but didn’t expect the weekend would inspire them to join the Campfire Circle when they returned home.

Robyn has loved Camp Ondessonk since she was a child, visiting during Summer Camp and with her aunt during the Education & Recreation Season. “I was a camper and then on staff for many years.” Robyn explained, “My aunt, Rebecca, was deeply involved in Camp for many years and has always provided a strong connection for me. She was (and still is!) very much the “cool aunt” and I got to spend many weekends at Camp where we hiked around the frozen trails and marveled at the ice-stalactites in caves.”

Nathan learned of Camp Ondessonk through Robyn’s stories, “He never went to a camp and listened to me go on and on about how amazing it is for years before he was able to experience it himself. After that first visit, he was hooked!”

Throughout the weekend, Robyn shared some of her Camp experiences with Nate, including staying in her favorite unit. “Getting to see the sun rise over Chabanel at Labor Day…” Robyn said as she shared her favorite memory from the weekend. “It was always my favorite unit as a kid and getting to share the full waterfall experience with my partner was a very full-circle moment.”

When they returned home, Nate was ready to become more invested in Camp Ondessonk. Robyn explained that he jumped in first, signing up for the Campfire Circle. “He wanted a way to give kids the best experience possible while they’re at Camp and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Robyn believes giving back to Camp is an important part of being in the Camp Family.  “Part of the camper life cycle is to become an adult who gives back, through volunteering time or services, monetary donations, or even new campers. We are proud to be a part of this organization and hope to share that with others.”

“There aren’t many camps as large or successful as Ondessonk and its longevity has created a rewarding program that fosters leadership and joy in young people,” Robyn shared. “Camp provides kids with unlimited growth and education opportunities. Everyone knows about the activities and the amazing things you can learn there, but there’s so much more. You learn about how to make friends, be confident in your own self, and advocate for your needs.” 

Through their support as Campfire Circle members, Robyn and Nate support the programs campers enjoy and experiences that foster personal growth. If you would like to join them, sign up to make monthly gifts to Camp Ondessonk and become a Campfire Circle member today!


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