Unlocking the Power of Giving: Transforming Your Annuity into Lasting Impact 

Unlocking the Power of Giving: Transforming Your Annuity into Lasting Impact 


For many people, the desire to make a meaningful difference often comes with the challenge of understanding what options are best for you. For those with annuities, a powerful solution might be the right one: using these financial assets as a source of lasting impact through charitable giving. 

An annuity, typically purchased to provide a steady stream of income during retirement, can also serve as a valuable tool for philanthropic goals. By donating an annuity to Camp Ondessonk, you may be able to leverage its value to support causes close to your heart while enjoying favorable tax benefits. 

So, how does donating an annuity work, and what benefits does it offer? 

First, donating an annuity involves transferring the ownership of the annuity contract to a qualified charitable organization, like Camp Ondessonk. This not only supports Camp’s mission but also provides potential tax advantages. Depending on the specific circumstances, you might be eligible for an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the annuity or a portion thereof. 

Additionally, donating an annuity can help reduce your taxable income, potentially lowering your overall tax burden. If you are retired and no longer need the income generated by the annuity, this can be an especially attractive option.  

Donating an annuity can also provide a way to leave a lasting legacy that transcends your lifetime. By designating Camp Ondessonk as the beneficiary of the annuity, you can ensure that your generosity continues to make a difference in the future.  

As with all financial decisions, it is essential to consult with financial advisors and tax professionals to fully understand the implications of donating an annuity and to explore the best strategy based on your individual circumstances. With careful planning and consideration, donating an annuity can be a powerful way to unlock the potential of philanthropy and create a legacy of lasting impact. 

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