The Goal Remains!

The Goal Remains!

Camp Ondessonk campfire Midwest Summer Camp

In 2021, the Campfire Circle grew to 265 members.  The generosity of this important group has provided Camp Ondessonk stability during uncertain times and has helped end the year with greater financial strength.  Growing the group to this level is a truly remarkable feat considering just a little more than a year and a half ago there were only 19 donors who had made a commitment to support Camp each month.  

You might remember that a generous former staff member provided a challenge gift of $3,500 if we reached 300 Campfire Circle members before the end of the year.  While we didn’t reach that goal, they were so excited by our progress, Camp received the gift of $3,500 in celebration!

Our thanks to everyone who became a member of the Campfire Circle monthly giving program before the end 2021, and an extra-special thank you to the generous former staff member who provided the challenge gift of $3,500!

The goal of 300 Campfire Circle members remains.  The monthly giving program allows you to divide your support into manageable increments and provides Camp an important and reliable source of income.  If you would like to sign up to make monthly gifts to Camp Ondessonk, enroll in the Campfire Circle today!


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