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Let’s Get Together in the New Year!

Let’s Get Together in the New Year! 

The New Year, 2024, is right around the corner, and we are planning many ways for you to connect with Camp Ondessonk in the upcoming year.  Attend a Lodge Reunion…
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Meet Your 2023-2024 Lodge Officials Camp Ondessonk

Meet Your 2023-2024 Lodge Officials  

The 2023-2024 Lodge Officials are excited to work together in support of Camp Ondessonk and the Loyal Lodge of Ondessonk & Tekawitha. The Senior Lodge Officials for the upcoming year…
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Fall Festivities at Camp Ondessonk Ondessonk Trail Race

Fall Festivities at Camp Ondessonk

By Elizabeth Dirnbeck Camp Ondessonk was humming with excitement October 28, 2023, with close to 200 individuals onsite for the 13th Annual Ondessonk Trail Races and the Ondessonk Fall Festival.…
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Dear Buckaroos, Stable Round-up Camp Ondessonk

Dear Buckaroos!

By Judy Blase Woodruff Have you ever received a letter with the above salutation? This was how then Camp Director Gene Canavan addressed the first invitations to Camp Ondessonk’s popular…
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After School Adventure Club

After School Adventure Club: Exploring Nature and Community at Camp Ondessonk

Camp Ondessonk has long been a place of adventure, learning, and self-discovery for individuals of all ages. Recently, the Camp has introduced a new initiative that brings the spirit of…
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Nurturing Education The Johnson County Teacher Retreat at Camp Ondessonk 1

The Johnson County Teacher Retreat at Camp Ondessonk

In the heart of the picturesque Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois lies Camp Ondessonk, where the serenity of nature combines with the warmth of human connection. This year, this…
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